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I still remember the voices of those people in my head, “I wont ever stop loving you”. You are supposed to believe that. Yet they destroyed me. I’m not talking about relationships. I’m talking about the people I grew up with, the ones that gave me haircuts, changed my diapers, and told me they loved me when I was a child. The ones that hit me, slammed doors on my face, told me to go play. Left me home all day and hit me when I crawled out of my crib. The ones that yelled at each other and told me to go in my room. The ones that never came home early enough to see me when I was awake. All they did was spoil me and then never show me love, unless someone else was around. So don’t tell me I’m selfish. All those years I have been trying to find out what it is and why I can’t fucking feel it most of the time. The one who’s been with me all that time I was left alone was myself. Why don’t you ask? Because whenever it comes to me, no one knows the actual facts.


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YOU WANNA FOCK ME OR NAH? #singing #cover

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Hold Tight #justinbieber #singing #ghetto #icejjfish

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when you set your homie up and he still don’t hit

when you see the face of a shorty with a nice ass & its poo

When you put leftovers in the fridge, and someone eats it..

When you go to her house and then she tells you that she on her period

When you boutta spit game to a bitch and her nigga pulls up
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I still sing about you, because, in my

head, you will always be mine.

I seem like I’m not all there, in my head,

but I am.

I am not crazy, however, I am crazy for


This is not in my head, though, this is


Reality gives me a headache, because

the only place you will ever want me

is when you appear in my subconscious


Which occurs all the time, but only

in my head.


I like writing poems even though they dont relate to me, they are still beautiful

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Like a girl.


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this broke my heart

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